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Sleevely - The Smart Baby Bottle.

Dan G

Calling all Mommies and Daddies!

Do you sometimes wish you could have someone with you 24/7 making sure your baby is eating enough? that he is not eating too much, not missing out meals and not passing important feeding benchmarks?

Sleevely is that someone – or something – you need!

Sleevely is a revolutionary SmartSleeve device that monitors, records and transmits important information about your baby’s feeding habits right to your mobile device!

The Sleevely device is a compatible sleeve that fits onto your babies’ bottle like… well... a sleeve!

Sleevely is really simple to use! All you have to do is download the Sleevely app to your Bluetooth enabled mobile device and connect with Sleevely.

When you are set up and ready, prepare your baby’s bottle as usual (with formula, breast milk or any other form of liquid nutrition) and once the baby bottle is nestled within the Sleevely sleeve just press start and feed your baby! When you are done feeding the device will transmit the nutritional information directly to your mobile device using Bluetooth Smart technology that is safe for both you and your baby!  

Sleevely is great if your baby is fed by multiple people – like your partner, grandparents, daycare center or anyone else you trust! As long as the caretaker feeding your baby has the Sleevely app, you will be able to log in and see how much your baby ate and when he was fed – no matter where you are!

Sleevely is a great benchmarking tool since your baby's nutritional information is compared to the nutritional information of other babies that age. Sleevely is also a great way to provide empirical feeding information to your pediatrician. 

The Sleevely SmartSleeve is the ultimate nutrition and monitoring device that helps you understand your baby’s needs!