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About Sleevely

Manually logging how much and when your baby ate is exhausting - especially when caring for a newborn. Sleevely simplifies this process by automatically recording mealtimes and amounts your baby ate and transmits this information in real-time to your mobile device - so you don’t have to!


The world’s first device and mobile app that lets you monitor, track and improve your baby’s feeding habits. 


Why Sleevely?

The 2 key components for a baby’s growth and development are sleep and nutrition, which during infancy create the foundation for a healthy life.

One of every four babies suffer from eating difficulties that require mandatory nutrition monitoring.

Unlike the thousands of manual food journal apps, Sleevely is the first ever automatic solution for tracking feeding habits of your baby anytime, anywhere.

Sleevely reduces parents anxiety and offer them a peace of mind: now you can easily, accurately and remotely monitor your baby’s feedings.

Sleevely also alerts you when the prepared formula reaches its expiration time, allowing you to reduce waste and save money.


Using Sleevely is super easy:

Key Features

  • Sleevely fits onto your baby bottle and monitors the quantity and temperature of each feeding.
  • Sleevely employs Bluetooth Smart that safely and accurately stores and transmits your data to your mobile device.

  • Sleevely syncs your baby’s information over multiples devices, allowing you to access it anytime, anywhere.

  • Sleevely is compatible with the leading baby bottle brands.

  • Sleevely is lightweight so your baby won't even know it’s there.

  • Sleevely is battery operated so you never have to worry about charging it.
  • Sleevely is dishwasher safe.



Your baby's feeding data at your fingertips.


After registering your baby’s information, you'll be able to begin logging your baby’s meals and track the data instantly. You'll be asked periodically to update important information about your baby's growth.

Feeding Insights

The Sleevely app will show you clear info-graphics of the data. It will also provide you with smart recommendations for feeding and let you compare your baby’s eating habits with those of other babies.

Alerts and Notifications

No matter where you are, Sleevely can send you real time alerts and notifications, regarding your baby’s feedings, and answer the three most common questions we all have as parents:
Did my baby eat? When did he eat? How much did he eat?

Safety Matters

At Sleevely safety is paramount. Our design is 100% safe for both parents and infants.
Sleevely complies with all rules and regulations ensuring that all components are safe and hazard-free.
Sleevely uses Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) which operates on low transmission power only when the bottle is idle.